About Us

KedList was created in March 2020 by a group of enthusiastic professionals with a collective passion for different fields.

These include information about the latest news, technology, health, and knowledge-based articles. We collect the information from different genuine sources and try to provide the source link on the posts.

Using our different knowledge and skills, our aim with KedList is to publish quality articles of high originality and insight.

KedList was established with the expectation of complementing a full variety of online media categories with quality information for all kinds of businesses. 

Not only do we cover factual content, but we also publish highly detailed commentary, opinions, trends, and inside stories from all over the industry. All of these articles on KedList are extracted from knowledge based on long-term observation and experience. Therefore, they are of high credibility and editorial integrity.

Wherever you are based, your support and subscriptions are our motivation to progress. We are dedicated to delivering information of value, and we hope you find them helpful.

For any kind of queries contact us at contact@kedlist.com