Advanced Ball Point Pen Destroys Viruses Including Coronavirus With Its Plastic Cover –

A pen is a writing tool used in our regular life. It is one of the reasons for the development of human beings in every aspect of research and findings to note them up for future use. Various occupation depends on the pen now. Journalism without the pen would be useless. All the private and public working sectors use pen for their official work mostly.

The pen is widely used in almost every aspect of our life. With the growing world, we are facing various viruses around us and we are continuously fighting with it. Well, at present we are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The whole world has suffered a lot due to it and we were under complete lockdown but we can’t pause all our work for a long period of time. It will put a deep effect on our survival.

Every work in our day to day life deals with the pen. The German Company Messmer in the city of Emmendingen created a ballpoint pen with its advanced technology that kills viruses including the coronavirus. The virus gets destroyed by its plastic-coated cover in the pen. It has given a new belief and will be very useful for every one of us.

It has been a very good achievement for both customers buying it and the company who created it. Various companies, clinics, and other official areas where pens are widely used are now really happy with this creation. Also, the company Messmer is happy about the huge demand for their product. Well, the technology has come up with the faith of saving various businesses worldwide which had a breakdown due to corona.

The technology behind the amazing work –

Although the work performed by the pen is not visible to our naked eyes. The main part which plays the role is the plastic-coated cover in the pen. Although the company has not yet revealed the secret of what it is made of. But it has been tested properly in various labs and they found it works perfectly.

The characteristics of this pen are just similar to a ball pen we have been using in our daily life. The only thing that separates it from the normal ball pens is how it helps us to fight from the viruses with the help of its cover. It is amazing how the pen kills the virus so adequately and fast.

Many pens are there in the market with huge cost value but none can replace the value for this pen currently. People are having more interest in this virus killing pen due to pandemic all over the world. But the amount of production is not enough to cover the failing losses that took place before.

The city of Emmendingen is also delighted with the speed of the work of the people engaged in developing it. Also, the mayor of the city placed his first order immediately for the amazing pen.

Source – swr, interestingengineering

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