Biggest Coral Reef Identified In Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef present on the north-east coast of Australia accommodates the world’s largest collection of coral reefs. Researchers from Australia have identified a big coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef. It is said to be the first that is identified in over 120 years with a height of about 1,640-foot-tall (500 m).

The 500m tall detached reef identified in the northern Great Barrier Reef

Image Source – schmidtocean

The reef is said to be taller than Empire State Building, the Sydney Tower, and the Petronas Twin Towers as mentioned by Schmidt Ocean Institute. The reef was first identified on October 20, 2020. Later the researcher’s organized a dive on 25th October 2020 with the help of Schmidt Ocean Institute’s underwater robot SuBastian for analyzing the new reef. Live video of the dive was streamed live on Schmidt Ocean Institute’s website and YouTube Channel.

Wendy Schmidt said “This unexpected discovery affirms that we continue to find unknown structures and new species in our Ocean.” He further added “The state of our knowledge about what’s in the ocean has long been so limited. Thanks to new technologies that work as our eyes, ears, and hands in the deep ocean, we can explore like never before. New oceanscapes are opening to us, revealing the ecosystems and diverse life forms that share the planet with us.”

The reef is said to be 1.5km-wide and rises 500m to the shallow depth of 40m below the sea surface. The newly identified reef joins up to the seven other tall reefs in the area along with the reef at the Rain-Island which is said to be the best place for green sea turtle nesting area.

Dr. Beaman said, “We are surprised and elated by what we have found.” Adding to it he also said “To not only 3D map the reef in detail, but also visually see this discovery with SuBastian is incredible. This has only been made possible by the commitment of the Schmidt Ocean Institute to grant ship time to Australia’s scientists.”

Dr. Jyotika Virmani, said “To find a new half-a-kilometer tall reef in the offshore Cape York area of the well-recognized Great Barrier Reef shows how mysterious the world is just beyond our coastline. This powerful combination of mapping data and underwater imagery will be used to understand this new reef and its role within the incredible Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.”  

According to Schmidt Ocean Institute’s The long journey of the Northers Depths Of The Great Barrier Reef will go on till November 17, 2020.

Although this finding is a great achievement for the great barrier reef there is a hazard approaching it. The previous 3 decades have seen a major loss for the great barrier reef which mainly happened due to global warming and pollution that led to the deaths of many species. Even after so many disasters if we still work together and keep control over global warming and pollution we can save the great barrier reef.

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