Black Sand-Like Grains Found In The Capsule Dropped By Hayabusa-2

The Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa-2 that gathered a sample of the materials from the asteroid Ryugu dropped the sample in a capsule. It landed near Woomera in South Australia and the sample came from 186 million miles (300 million kilometers) away from the earth. It was then sent to Japan.

Now, Black sand-like grains are found in the capsule as the Twitter account of the Hayabusa-2 mentioned in a tweet.

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The findings came in a week after the capsule was dropped into the earth surface. On Monday, December 14th, 2020 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) disclosed that it has found black sand-like grains from the capsule dropped by the space probe Hayabusa2. It is considered as the second achievement after the 2010 mission by the first Hayabusa spacecraft.

The agency released a picture of the black sand-like grains which took about 6 years covering a distance of about 5.24 billion kilometers to reach the earth.

Black Grains From Ryugu / Image Source – twitter

According to JAXA, the capsule is a two-layered structure. The black grains were present in the bottom of the container which is present outside the small box that held the sample. The total amount is still not known yet but it can be said that it brought much more amount than it was brought from the first mission.

Structure describing the the black-like grain sample that was found in the bottom of the container present outside the small box / Source – twitter

JAXA will analyze the complete sample and will report about the colors, shapes, and sizes, and other aspects of the samples with six months. It will also extend its analysis in the universities and research institute across Japa in the upcoming year.

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Along with the dust material the capsule has also got materials that belong to the earlier period of our solar system which was collected at the time when the asteroid was bombed by Japan.

In the latest tweet by HAYABUSA2@JAXA, it said “This is thought to be the sample from the first touchdown on Ryugu. The photo looks brown, but our team says “black”! The sample return is a great success!”

Half of the asteroid sample will be shared between JAXA, NASA, and other agencies and the rest would be stored for future research. The samples are estimated to have organic matter and water which form the main ingredients of our life. The analysis of the sample would help us to discover more about the history of our solar system and the origin of our life.

Source – TheJapanNews, twitter

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