China To Advance Its Weather Modification Program By 2025

China is continuously developing its weather modification project and it expects that soon it will be able to cover half of the country. The state council of China issued a circular that the country will have a developed weather modification program by 2025. The total area covered in artificial rainfall(snowfall) is about 1.35 billion acres (5.5 million square kilometers) and it will also have hail suppression covering an area of about 143 million acres (580,000 square kilometers).

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The cloud seeding process was developed in the US in 1946 by Vincent Joseph Schaefer. Later in 1960 china processed its similar program.

According to the guardian, many countries all over the world have such program but Beijing has the world’s largest cloud seeding operation with around 35000 employees working into it.

The statement issued by the council said “China will have a developed weather modification system by 2025, with breakthroughs in fundamental research and R&D in key technologies, steady improvements in modernization and refined services, distinct enhancement in comprehensive prevention against safety risks, and optimization in systems and policy environment.

Adding to the statement it was also mentioned that “Weather modification should intensify its service backup in the following key fields: estimation for disasters such as drought and hail, and related zoning work in agricultural production areas; normalized working plans for regions in need of ecological protection and restoration; and major emergency responses to deal with events such as forest or grassland fires, and unusual high temperatures or droughts.

China’s weather modification must reach a worldwide advancement level in terms of operation, technologies, and services by 2035 as described in the circular.

How does the process work?

Generating rainfall and snowfall is a simple process. It works by spraying chemicals like silver iodide or liquid nitrogen into clouds which make water droplets condense, and fall as rain or snow.

The main reason for creating this artificial rainfall is to prevent crops from getting damaged as mentioned by the state media in 2019.  Many regions of China have been benefited from this artificial rainfall as it did not have any kind of storms that would create any damage around us.

Source – The People’s republic Of China, businessinsider

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