Coronavirus Vaccine Won’t Be Available For Everyone Till 2024

Coronavirus has created a deep issue in our life along with a lot of complications for us. The vaccine for which the whole world is waiting for a long time will not be available for everyone until the end of 2024.

CEO Adar Poonawalla of Serum Institute of India said the Financial Times that the medicine companies did not increase the productions to treat and save the maximum population in a lesser amount of time.

“It will take a lot more time as stated by him to provide the shot of the vaccine to everyone on this globe.” as stated by Mr. Poonawalla who also predicted that if the coronavirus shot is a vaccine of two doses, the world needs to have 15 billion doses to cover the world’s population.

Image Source – bloomberg

His estimation creates disbelief on the politicians who have guaranteed to provide vaccines by next month. The US and Europe have already made huge pre-orders, which leaves all the other countries to stand behind them.

The Pune based company has collaborated with five other medicine companies all over the world to flourish a coronavirus vaccine and estimated to produce 1 billion doses, half of which will be made for India. The organization is the largest vaccine producer with quantity, producing about 1.5 billion doses of vaccine yearly to be used in about 170 countries to secure against various diseases like polio, measles, and influenza.

To reach the target of 1billion Mr. Poonawala is talking to investors like Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, Abu Dhabi Investment Holding Company ADQ and US Private Equity Firm TPG to raise 600million dollar although Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and TPG refused to mention anything and ADQ is not reachable. He is trying his best to raise the fund and conduct the raw material and equipment required in the coming years to achieve the most of it.

He even ordered 600m glass vitals and other components required for the manufacturing of the vaccine. Even after all his effort, he is still worried about the distribution of the vaccine in India as there is a complex system to ship the vaccines carefully to the people.

Source – financial times

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