Detecting Toxic Gas And Quality Of Air Might Soon Be Available For iPhone Users

Apple has filed a new patent disclosed by Appleinsider which propose that the iPhone in the future will be able to detect toxic gas and the air quality in the environment. The company is working on the sensor which would help in the detection process of the air.

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It is well known that air is one of the most important part of life but it may also cause harm to someone. To protect from such hazardous air a person carrying a regular day-to-day item which we carry most of the time like watches, mobile phones having a sensor to detect the quality of air would provide a better level of security.

Apple showed the method by making a component that can be installed in various devices as a solution to the problem in the filing to anticipate the quality of air. The patent which has been granted to apple is entitled “Particle matter sensors for portable electronic devices.”

The component mentioned by apple gives an accurate reading of the matter in the form of minute separate particles in the air using three lasers. The three laser component would be able to regulate the speed and movement of the air without the help of large fans which is generally used in these types of component.

Image Source – appleinsider

The image is an example of three lasers being used in 3D space to detect matter in the form of minute separate particles.

It will also have three total internal reflection lenses and a light sensor that can receive light. The light produced through the lenses is discharged by the lasers and reflected towards a collecting sensor along with the light refracted to the sensor itself.

The use of VCSELs is also proposed by apple which is used in iPhone’s TrueDepth camera array.

With the use of three sets of lasers in multiple positions, it will be able to detect wind speeds and keep calculation in three-dimensional space to provide a proper directional reading.

Image Source – appleinsider

Example of a tri-laser particulate sensing structure

The light source and sensor would be in the same position so that the light gets bounced back to the original point. This will help to produce a more compact design.

Every week apple files several patents applications but the implementation of that patent depends on the developers and research unit. It does not mean that the idea will arrive surely in their upcoming product. It is an important concept that is lined up to form a feature in the upcoming phones for sure.

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