First Drone Delivery System To Be Started By Walmart and Zipline In The United States

Life has become busier with time. Humans are developing advanced technology to manage their time for work. Various companies around the world are developing and finding new ways to make life easier but advanced technology comes up with new demands.

The most essential thing in today’s life is to fulfill the requirement in the least amount of time. Several companies are improving themselves day by day to fulfill their customer’s demands in the least amount of time.

Walmart on demand has already declared that they are working on how drones can transport products safely and on time.

Now, they are on their path to team up with Zipline to start the first drone delivery system in the United States which means your orders will soon land from the sky to you. The latest service will only deliver health and wellness products and later move up with the potentiality to spread in various other sections.

The preliminary deliveries will take place close to Walmart’s headquarters in Northwest Arkansas with the help of Zipline’s proprietary technology. For now, zipline will cover an area of a 50-mile (80km) which is nearly the size of the State Of Connecticut. As it is a new technology it will come up with various advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages –

  • Zipline will operate it from a Walmart store. Their system will provide fast deliveries too which will serve the demand within an hour as mentioned.
  • Carbon Emissions will be eliminated.
  • Orders will be delivered much faster according to the customer’s demands.

Disadvantages –

  • Delivery persons will lose their jobs.
  • As it is a new technology company may face various technical issues in the beginning although it will be resolved sooner.

The service will be most likely to begin next year. If the demand increases with time the company will develop its new project further.

Zipline had already shown their productivity with the drone delivery system earlier by delivering crucial things in Ghana and Rwanda during the coronavirus pandemic. It will be an amazing experience for the customers to utilize the service and fulfill their demands faster than we have ever seen.

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