First Robotic Kitchen In The World Cooks And Cleans Up Everything

Cooking is known as the art of making food. It requires a lot of hard work to cook something. We all wish that after our daily work-life there could be someone to cook for us and clean up after. The dream has formed a reality now.

Moley Robotics Kitchen / Image Source – moley

A British company has claimed that they have built the world’s first robotic kitchen. The total concept consists of a robot assembled into a luxury kitchen where the robot will learn the recipe and serve you with freshly cooked food in front of you. The name of the company is Moley Robotics which was established in the year 2014. Dr. Mark Oleynik is the creator of this amazing robotic kitchen which even mimics the patterns made by human hands at the time of cooking meals.

With this technology, both users and even professional chefs can share, develop, and sell their recipes on a cloud-based platform and it will also save a lot of time that is consumed during cooking. We have to do is give proper instructions and supply the ingredients and a proper meal will be delivered in time.

The most amazing part of the Moley robotics is that after cooking it also cleans everything which is very useful for people who are very busy in their work life.

Dr. Mark Oleynik said “Robotics is one of the most complex industries for innovation, it is comprised of many moving parts unified by one control system, allowing to substitute human force with automated machine force. The more difficult the tasks are, the more difficult it is to automate them in a physical world.”

The system was designed with the help of around 100 engineers, product and interior designers, and three amazing chefs. According to Moley Robotics, “It does not cook like a machine but it captures human skills in motion.”

The kitchen currently uses a combination of sensors and optical cameras to complete its work featuring an optical system that can identify dropped food and clean it before and after the cooking is completed. Currently, it has learned 30 dishes and new dishes are adding up along with it. The organization aims to make a digitalized menu with 5000 dishes in it. Check out more features about the robotic kitchen here.

In the upcoming future when it is officially launched into the market worldwide Moley Robotics aims to make it affordable for everyone. The company also aims to engage itself in other services of robotic areas in the upcoming future.

Source – moley

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