Flying Car Prototype Disclosed By Tesla’s Competitor Xpeng Motors

Chinese company Xpeng Motors has displayed its flying car model at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. This is the largest international automobile event that took place since the Coronavirus pandemic.

Image Source – South China Morning Post

Backed by Alibaba the company is investing money in flying car automation as a future investment strategy. Last month the company got boosted by a $1.7 billion New York stock sales.

The car resembles more of a human-carrying drone than a flying car and is named as Kiwigogo. It is armed with 8 turbofans and can move 2 passengers at an elevation of about 82 feet (25 meters). The model is been developed by Xpeng Heitech and the maximum of it is owned by the founder and chief executive He Xiaopeng. It was founded in 2014 and it has already started to export vehicles in Norway.

The company said, “Xpeng’s efforts in the electric air-enabled mobility space will remain focused on R&D and experimental designs for the present.

It also added that it does not await a substantial impact on its work.

Xpeng will evaluate prospects in the space in details before proceeding with any substantial investment in this area.”

Brian Gu, said CNBC in an interview on the sidelines of the Beijing Auto Show on Saturday “This is a long-range R&D exploration for us to think about mobility in a greater context.

“We think in the future not only electric vehicles will have the smart mobility autonomous driving features, but with other technology, enable other devices that can create a multi-dimensional ecosystem, that will be very exciting,”

He also added, “That’s why we are investing in that area and doing some exploration.

Xpeng is not alone in the race of flying cars in China. Hangzhou-based owner of the biggest privately purchased car makers has X-Chimera 25 that moves on the road and can fly like a drone. It can carry 6 kilograms.

Honda has Fuzo that also resembles the same concept as the flying cars.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) tough rules have formed a significant difficulty for the progression of the drone-based flying cars.

With all these problems and numerous efforts of various companies to resolve them all over the world, we expect the flying car technology to drop by soon between us.

Source – cnbc, scmp

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