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A flying car is a vehicle that can transport by both air and ground. It can be called as the combination of airplane and automobile developed together.

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Japanese company SkyDrive declared that it has completed a public manned flight test at Toyota Test Field with the SD-03 model, an electrical vertical takeoff, and landing (eVTOL) vehicle. It was airborne for about 4 minutes as mentioned by the company. It is a single-seater vehicle with 8 rotors that helps it to fly even if there is a failure in a motor. There are two white lamps in the front and one red lamp at the back of the flying car. Also, when the vehicle goes in the sky its amazing design makes it easy for the non-passengers to know the direction of the vehicle easily.

Tomohiro Fukuzawa CEO of SkyDrive said that among all the prototypes made for flying cars this is the most compact and lighter in size. It can fit in a space occupied by two ground-driven cars.

Japan’s government is also putting up an effort to the flying car as they have targeted it to commercialize in 2023. Their goal is to transport people by air mostly in big cities to avoid traffic jams, and it can also be a help for the areas with mountains. It can also be very useful during natural disasters and various other emergencies.

SkyDrive began its research on flying cars in 2014.  Companies like Boeing and Airbus are also developing similar technology. The most unique thing about SkyDrive’s technology is that it is highly safe.

Tomohiro Fukuzawa said that they will start selling their eVTOL by 2023 for about $300,000 to $500,000. The price may decrease by 2030. Well, every new technology is very expensive in the beginning.

The service will be first served in Japan and later go overseas.

It has another concept added into its works, the SD-XX which will be a common vehicle by 2030 as the firm is planning. The company expects to achieve certification for the model SD-XX by 2023 in Japan.  

The biggest difference that SD-XX will have is that the pilot can land and drive away too but on the (eVTOL) electrical vertical takeoff and landing can take off and land in fixed areas. It will be a big achievement in the technology development of flying cars.

It is expected that the flying car will bring a revolution in the future of mankind and it will help us a lot to save our time and various other resources.

Source – nytimes, japantimes, skydrive2020, robbreport, engadget

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