Google Comes Up With Its Own VPN Service By Google One

Online activities have now become an essential part of the time. We are accustomed to various services provided online. From social connection to paying bills or banking, all of the essential activities of our life are available online.

With the increasing amount of online activities, the most important issue that comes up is security. To secure people from hackers and maintain privacy on the activities performed online VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) has played a very important role in the last few years.

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What is a VPN?

It is a software that provides online privacy, making the user anonymous by creating a private network within a public internet connection. It is developed mainly to secure the data of the users although it does not provide a complete solution from the hackers. It also helps to access contents that are not available or restricted in a particular location.

Google launched its VPN service with Google One to provide an extra layer of protection to the users. It is available for users having 2TB and higher plans. This is not the first time that Google has put its hand into the VPN world. It had this service before for the Google-Fi subscribers. The new VPN service is available for windows and android users. The subscription for the service is $9.99/month.

You can get the subscription from – Google One. VPN will not be charged any extra. It has various other plans too but the VPN service is only available in the 2TB and higher storage plan –

Google One Membership Plans

Google said “With VPN by Google One, we will never use the VPN connection to track, log, or sell your online activity. Some minimum logging is performed to ensure the quality of service, but your network traffic or IP associated with the VPN is never logged.”

The company has even provided an open-source code that run’s on the device of the user and in the coming months they have also promised to open source the server-side user authentication mechanism and provide the results of a third-party audit.

It is currently available for users in the US. It will soon extend to Uk and Canada and will be available on various other platforms like iOS and Mac. The 2TB Google One plan can be shared with five additional people and all of them can use the VPN service without any extra cost.

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