Images Shows Burning Flames Like Galaxies In The Perseus Cluster

Our universe is like a magical world. Viewing with different wavelengths of light we are able to see numerous objects events and much more that are not visible to the human eye.

Recently, with the help of the Very Large Array telescope (VLA) in New Mexico a team of astronomers lead by Marie-Lou Gendron-Marsolais has found out enormous galaxies that look like burning flames in the Perseus Cluster. It is a huge collection of galaxies and is situated about 240 million light-years from the earth. These galaxies helped to learn how a crowded environment affects galaxies like the ways it affects people.

Three Observed Galaxy Of The Perseus Cluster / Image Source – nrao

Perseus Cluster present in the constellation of Perseus is said to be one of the enormous objects present in our known universe. It has 1000 galaxies enclosed in an enormous cloud containing hot gas. The images obtained by VLA shows much more detailing in the structures. The study of the research has been authorized by Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and is present in arxiv.

  • Galaxy NGC 1275 – With deep observation it is seen in the center of the cluster and is said to be the brightest galaxy in there. New substructures are observed to be present in its inner lobes and radio spurs in the outer lobes.
Galaxy NGC 1275 / Image Source – nrao
  • Galaxy NGC 1265 – It posses two long jets which bent at 90 degrees forming into a tail like a comet. Filaments of radio emission are observed but it is hard to predict how are they created? High-resolution pictures are required for its detailed analysis.
  • Galaxy IC 310 – The jets of this galaxy is observed to bent backward just like Galaxy NGC 1265. It is observed closer to the earth due to its viewing angle from the earth. This angle also helps the astronomers to observe the gamma-rays formed in the supermassive black hole on the galaxy’s core. The galaxy is declared to be blazar in the latest research.
Galaxy IC 310 / Image Source – nrao

Marie-Lou Gendron-Marsolais said, “These images show us previously-unseen structures and details and that helps our effort to determine the nature of these objects.”

The galaxy clusters are unique places that are full of interactions and objects which is not yet clear to us. These research and observation are a small part of the long understanding of the process with the support of the powerful telescopes present within us.

Source – nrao

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