NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Is Now One Step Closer To Its Launch

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is the world’s largest and most powerful yet complicated telescope ever constructed. It will help us to look at more distant galaxies in our universe that the Hubble Space Telescope.

Every telescope goes through various tests before launch and environmental testing is the latest breakthrough covered by the telescope. Well, surviving all the hard tests it is now almost ready to get launched into the space.

For the first time ever, testing teams at Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach, California carefully lifted the fully assembled James Webb Space Telescope in order to prepare it for transport to nearby acoustic and sine-vibration testing facilities.

Source – nasa

October 6 was an amazing day for the James Webb Space Telescope as the fully assembled observatory was able to approve it for the blaring noise, the harsh shakes, and vibrations that the observatory will face during its departure. NASA has worked with many of its international associates to form the telescope testing environment the same as it will face during its launch and while managing in the orbit.

Bill Ochs Webb project manager for NASA said “The successful completion of our observatory environmental tests represents a monumental milestone in the march to launch.  Environmental testing demonstrates Webb’s ability to survive the rocket ride to space, which is the most violent portion of its trip to orbit approximately a million miles from earth. The multinational group of individuals responsible for the execution of the acoustic and vibration test is composed of an outstanding and dedicated group of folks who are typical of the entire Webb team”

The whole test of the telescope has thus proved that the fully assembled hardware is now capable to launch. Several tests were performed on various hardware in the past months but the all-in-one assembled test was a great achievement for its successful launch ahead.

The telescope was encapsulated fully in a mobile cleanroom to protect it from the outside effect. After that, it was accompanied to the acoustic testing chamber where it resisted the sound pressure levels above 140 decibels with a definite relatable sound tuned to the Ariane 5 rocket, the rocket which will drive the telescope into space. Low – frequency vibration test was also performed after that which it will experience during the takeoff.

Sandra Irish said “The testing team is an international consortium of structural dynamics experts who are the lead engineers for each piece of hardware on the observatory. The team members are located throughout the USA and Europe, spanning across 9 time zones! They are extremely dedicated to support testing at all hours and days to provide their expertise.”

He also added “Through the team’s dedication, hard work, and just pure excitement in being a part of this complex test, it was a complete success! I have known these individuals for many years and it’s been an honor to work with each one of them.” 

James Webb Space Telescope is now expected to move forward to the full extension of its iconic primary mirror and shield to protect it from the sun along with a full system assessment before it is carried to South America as stated by NASA.

It is NASA’s next most powerful observatory which will help to discover various questions related to our solar system and the universe forming an eye to the stars which are beyond our reach and inquiring various structures and root of the universe.

Source – nasa

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