A girl born in October in Tennessee, the U.S.A is said to be 27 years old. There is a gap of only 18 months between the mother and the baby. Technically the baby seems to be 27 years old after she is born.

Named Molly Everette Gibson, she is the oldest baby born as of now from the embryo which was frozen in October 1992. The event happened when her mother was only 18 months old. Her mother Tina was born in April 1991. Her father’s name is Ben and it’s a proud moment for Gibson’s family now.

Molly Everette Gibson / Image Source – nypost

Tina said, “It’s hard to wrap your head around it, But, as far as we’re concerned, Molly is our little miracle.”

Molly’s sister Emma Wren’s record is finally broken who was born 24 years old in November 2017.

This is the longest frozen embryo processed to result in a live birth according to the researchers at the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library.

Both of the girls are genetically siblings and their embryos were frozen together. Before the transfer into Tina’s uterus, both were defrosted for nearly 3 years at the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC). They are said to be donated anonymously so their genetic parents are not known.

This was one of the most amazing moments of their life as both Tina and Benjamin tried hard for 5 years naturally but it was not successful as Benjamin had cystic fibrosis that causes infertility.

The Gibson Family With Molly Everette Gibson In The Left And Emma Wren In The Right /
Image Source – nypost

Lab Director Dr. Carol Sommerfelt from NEDC said, “It is very rewarding for me to see an embryo that was frozen years ago result in the birth of a lovely baby, I feel honored to be part of it.”

Tina’s parents gave them this idea in 2017 and both Benjamin and Tina were like “That sounds crazy. No, thank you, we’re not interested. Then we kept thinking about it and couldn’t get it out of our minds.” Tina said. After this, they went to the center and were presented with about 300 profiles who donated spare embryos with subsequent IVF treatment.

Tina said, “We weren’t picky, We just wanted a baby.”

On the day of transfer, Tina came to know that it was frozen for 24 years. She had no idea about it. The doctor only said to her that this could be a world record.

Molly ‘s weight after the delivery was about  6 pounds and 13 ounces. Her sister is very excited with her and she wants to pick her up and play continuously. Tina Gibson said to BBC that “We’re over the moon, I still get choked up.

The life of a frozen embryo is infinite according to the NEDC. We hope that this record will also break around and soon we will see a baby born who is older than Molly.

Source – nypost

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