Scientist Allows Mosquitoes To Bite Him Regularly For Dengue Research

People who have experienced dengue fever won’t forget it. The virus (dengue) is transferred from one person to another by mosquitoes. The problems faced during this dengue fever are –

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle Pain
  • Skin Rash
  • High Fever For Many Days

Few people suffering from it establish dengue hemorrhagic fever which cause bleeding under skin and vomiting. With the increased number of cases every year recorded by the WHO along with few deaths gave it a sense of fear among people.

Dr. Perran Stott-Ross an entomologist from the University of Melbourne lets a large number of mosquitoes bite his arm almost every day to keep them up for research and put an end to the Dengue fever.

Image Source – twitter

The most promising way to stop dengue fever is to infect a large group of mosquitoes with Wolbachia. It blocks the transportation of the dengue fever and is spread over generations of the mosquitoes. Researchers have been spreading mosquitoes infected with the Wolbachia for a long time. Dr. Perran Stott-Ross had to check a huge number of mosquitoes to take this research further. As a part of his research, he used his arm as the dining area for the mosquitoes.

He tweeted a picture of his arm in march feeding nearly 5,000 mosquitoes where he accepts that sometimes the bites hurt really bad, but he has to control himself from scratching after the mosquitoes feed the blood.

Image Source – twitter

Ross saysSometimes it can sting a little bit if they get you in the right spot, but mostly it’s just slight irritation,” He also added – “It’s itchy later. As soon as I take my arm out, I have to resist the urge to scratch.”

Source – twitter

More mosquitoes are required to be fed in the upcoming time, as Wolbachia also decreases the rate of various other diseases caused due to mosquito bite by decreasing the life period of the A. Aegypti affected with it.

It is even said Ross has speculated an immunity power which helped him to resist the pain from the mosquito bite. He also shared the picture of his arm on the next day of the biting session and it was almost back to normal.

Source – twitter

It is well known that allowing an arm with such a huge number of mosquitoes to feed in, requires a huge level of determination inside a person to keep the arm steady and bear the pain. Well, with all the pictures he shared it is expected that his hard work and determination will help to decrease the spread of dengue fever among people.

Source – sciencealert, odditycentral

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