Smart Helmet Helps Coal Miner’s For Safety Monitoring & Alerting

Safety is one of the main aspects of industry especially the coal mine industry & construction works. Underground mining hazards include suffocation, gas poisoning, object fall, roof collapse, and gas explosion. So air quality, visibility, communication, and hazardous event detection is a very important factor in the mining industry.

Source: Jannatec Technologies

Canadian communications company Jannatec Technologies (Jannatec) which is based in Sudbury, Ontario specializes in mining industry communications technology for more than 25 years. Keeping all the safety measures in mind Rey Boucher– Vice President of Jannatec Technologies has created this ENSO SmartHelmet with his team. It is all in one safety helmet which is equipped with lights, camera, phones, and contact tracing feature which is one of the most useful feature of this helmet.

Capabilities of ENSO SmartHelmet

High Visibility LEDs: It has 360 degrees of LEDs installed on the brim of the helmet for ultimate visibility in the deep underground sites for the miners.

RFID Tagging: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging helps to tag and track the positions of all the miners.

Camera: Camera is useful to take the picture and videos of the mining sites.

Proximity Detection: Proximity detection capabilities have enhanced to provide more safety to the miners for contact tracing during the ongoing pandemic. The LED high-visibility Johnny lights which are placed on the helmets now light upon each miner’s hard hat when they are within 6 feet of each other (the minimum distance to stay safe during the pandemic), and only switch off when the wearers move further apart.

Source: Jannatec Technologies

Communication: The communication device placed on the hard hat is capable of underground communication as well as the overground base station.

Source: Jannatec Technologies

ENSO SmartHelmet is not just a hard hat but they are the most useful Personal protective equipment (PPE). The company has been working for this SmartHelmet for 4 years and it has received official certification for the 1st generation of this helmet in June 2019.

Vice President of Jannatec Rey Boucher said “Personal protective equipment (PPE) has evolved with technology; Industry should too while investing to protect its most important assets.”

This helmet is customizable to the individuals as per their requirements and needs. This is not limited to High Visibility LEDs, RFID Tagging, Proximity Detection, Camera.

Source: Jannatec Technologies

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