Strange Metal Monolith Found In The Utah Desert Vanished

It was on 18th November 2020 that a strange tall metal monolith was found in the middle of the Utah desert. The metallic structure was identified by the Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau.

Monolith Structure In The Utah Desert / Image Source – dpsnews

The internet was flooded with various statements over the mysterious monolith structure. Various estimations about Who put it there? How did it come? Why was it there? Did aliens have any hand on this? With all these questions the structure just vanished as it was discovered suddenly.

The officials never disclosed the exact location of the monolith as they did not want curious people to visit the place as it was not safe out there. They mentioned in a statement “Although we can’t comment on active investigations, the Bureau of Land Management would like to remind public land visitors that using, occupying, or developing the public lands or their resources without a required authorization is illegal, no matter what planet you are from.”

Even after so many obstacles a person named David Surber still visited the monolith and posted pictures and videos of it on Instagram.

The Utah Department of Heritage & Arts mentioned in a tweet “While curiosity is understandable, we discourage visiting the monolith. Along with safety concerns, increased crowds threaten the archaeological resources in the area. Unintentional damage is still damage. If you still choose to visit, please do not damage any rock art and don’t gather archaeological items such as arrowheads. Leave the area as undisturbed as possible.”

On Sunday 29th November 2020, the Bureau of Land Management Utah posted on Facebook that the structure monolith has been removed by an unknown party. They also mentioned, “The structure has received international and national attention and we received reports that a person or group removed it on the evening of Nov. 27.”

Now that the monolith is gone all that remains in that place is the rocks and the question remains that where and how did it appear in that place? No one mentioned it. This was a good distraction during the pandemic that has spread all over the world. What is your opinion on the strange monolith structure? Who took it away? Write to us in the comment below.

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