Study Suggest Wormholes May Make Time Travel Possible –

Wormholes are concepts that have been believed to be possible in science fiction only but a team of physicists believes that it is possible in reality. Wormhole’s study is supported by physics but physicists believed that they would be small and unstable to form a medium of travel.

What is Wormhole?

It is an unproven structure behaving as a tunnel between two endpoints in space-time. A wormhole can help to travel long distances such as to cover billions of light-years or different universes in a short time. The main concept behind the wormhole is time would pass by thousands of years for everyone else except for the person travelling through it.

The Theory Of Relativity refuses the wormhole’s travel concept but a recent study suggests that it is possible.

In the new research done at Princeton University physicists have said that time travel is possible on various conditions and only if the specified physics models are accurate. The only thing required is the wormhole in space that can help human traveling to survive within the journey and travel forward in time.

The research has very intensifying mathematics and setups that are not possible practically as of now. It is mostly dependent on the Randall-Sundrum model in physics because the normal model can only present microscopic wormholes but for time travel we would need a big wormhole so that a human can pass through it and come out from the other point alive.

Well, the Randall-Sundrum model is better when it comes to specified physics calculations. But the Randall-Sundrum II model is the best. It is because that a human would be facing an intense gravity while going through a wormhole, and the bigger the wormhole the more intensified will be the gravitational tidal force.

Well, the best wormhole can be formed by the Randall-Sundrum II model along with the U(1) gauge field as explained in the research. This will help to make big wormholes that can let humans travel through it by surviving the tidal forces. With the help of it, humans can travel from one galaxy to another in seconds. It would be a second for the person travelling through it but thousands of years for the person looking from outside.

Well theoretically wormholes can be created but it is not possible without more advance of technology that we have now. Experts like Juan Maldacena and Alexey Milekhin are trying to prove it.

The theory has also proposed that comes along the break down of the universe into 5 dimensions of bent ( twisted out of shape ) geometry. It would allow the negative energy to exist and with which the physicists think that a wormhole could be big and have stability into them.

Few astronomers also suggested that we should find natural wormholes in space. Well, all of these just works on theories now and we hope someday it will all be achieved.

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