Vertical Farm In Denmark Will Produce 1K Tons Of Greens A Year

A new vertical indoor farm is developing on the outskirts of Copenhagen and will soon start producing 1,000 metric tons of greens in a year.

It is being developed in partnership with the Danish Group company Nordic Harvest and Taiwanese tech provider YesHealth Group.

According to the Fast Company report; “Similar farms covering an area the size of 20 soccer fields could fully supply the country’s entire demand for greens.”

Image Source: YesHealthGroup

The innovation of vertical farming is developed by YesHealth Group, a company that has dedicated the last decade for developing vertical farm tech. The company has already developed the largest vertical farm in Taiwan, which is profitably generating the greens. They also developed the largest vertical farm in China which supplies food to employees rather than selling it.

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The facility uses hydroponics just like most other indoor farms. Hydroponics is the technology that grows food with little water and doesn’t require the use of pesticides. It also avoids the risk of disease outbreaks like salmonella that can happen on outdoor farms.

In this type of agricultural farming electricity is one of the largest costs, but this company makes its own LED lights, which have become far more efficient over the last decade.

The new farm will run solely on wind power and expanded in an area of around 75000 square Feet. There are 14 shelves of greens stacked up toward the ceiling and most of the work is automated to lower the labor cost.

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At the beginning of January 2021, greens will be priced similarly to organic greens, but it will soon be competitive with conventional produce. Stella Tsai, the general manager of the YesHealth Group said; “In this kind of growing method, you can control every cost, You won’t be influenced by the climate, so you can grow on a new schedule.”

Video of YesHealth Group Vertical Farm;

YesHealth Group planning to expand to other locations in Europe, and will also move into Singapore, The Philippines, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa next year.

Sources: Nordic Harvest, YesHealth Group.


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